Oldest Wolfram photo I've found. This is actually a painting based on an old photo. Future Site of Wolfram - Larson (Larsen) Genealogy  
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This genealogy will be based upon each of my Parents' family trees
Orville Anthony Wolfram & Marion Dorothy Larson
Ollie Wolfram & dog RascalGary Wolfram 2011John Wolfram and wife Debi Moore WolframJeff Wolfram olderPamela (Wolfram) Badura 2010Paul Wolfram 2011Tom Wolfram 2011Marion (Larson) Krebs Older
Our biological family - Orville (Ollie), Gary, John, Jeffrey, Pamela, Paul, Thomas Wolfram

TomWolfram.com is intended as a preliminary site for a family history of my Parents Orville "Ollie"Wolfram & Marion Larson.

The completed project will be published to Ancestry.com.
It is my hope that others working on a family history for either Wolfram or Larson (Larsen) might find this site and establish connections to their own genealogy and contact me with information related to Wolfram or Larson (listed here).

 Please try to locate a familiar name and let me know if we might share a common ancestry.

If we do, please email Tom Wolfram


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